Beneficial massages in
 Bad Kleinkirchheim

Massage range in the 4-star pleasure hotel, the Hotel Almrausch 

On the terraces of the Hotel Almrausch a wellness oasis which provides a variety of massages awaits. Opt for classic and special massages, a sweet honey massage or a beneficial treatment with the Speik, a healing herb which is only found in the Nock mountains. The team at reception are happy to take your booking.

Massages in Bad Kleinkirchheim: alleviating, relaxing, refreshing

A massage is so much more than just kneading your muscles. In the massage room which radiates harmony in the Hotel Almrausch you are surrounded by a tranquil, pleasant atmosphere and wonderful aromas. The gentle touch of our masseuse will quickly you’re your ‘crunch points’ and will alleviate tension using expert techniques. Definitely try a part, or full-body, massage with the wonderfully aromatic Speik. Reserve your massage appointment when you are booking a room or do so directly at our reception desk. The price for your massage of choice will be added to the bill for your room and charged upon your departure.

SUMMER: Middle of June to end of September
WINTER: End of December to Middle of March

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Classic massages

  • Full body massage: 50 minutes - € 49
  • Partial body massage: 30 minutes - € 32

Massages with Speik oil

As a healing plant which was already being used in medicine in the 10th century, SPEICK extract is a global exclusive. SPEIK natural cosmetics have received the German Sustainability Award. Speik relaxes and invigorates body, spirit and soul.

  • Full body massage with Speik oil:  50 minutes - € 54
  • Back and neck massage with Speik oil: 30 minutes - € 37

Special massages

  • Aromatherapy oil massage: 50 minutes - € 55                                                         
    An aromatherapy oil massage has a positive effect upon your entire immune system. The essential oils used are gently massaged into the skin and have a calming effect upon your mind and nourish your skin. Depending on the essential oils used, an aromatherapy oil massage can be either relaxing or stimulating. Skilled hands release tension in your muscles and provide optimum blood flow.
  • NEW: Foot reflexology 30 minutes - € 41,-

  • NEW: Foot reflexology and Partial body massage“ 60 minutes - € 69,-

  • NEW: Lymph drainage Full body 50 minutes - € 55,-

  • NEW: Lymph drainage Partial body 30 minutes - € 41,-


Massages in Bad Kleinkirchheim are a perfect complement to your activity programme. Book your room and your massage of choice online right now!

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