Hiking in the Nock mountains:
 gentle hills for any time of year

More than 1000 kilometres of hiking trails around Bad Kleinkirchheim

Hiking in the Nock mountains is not the sole theme for summer – hiking around Bad Kleinkirchheim can be done whatever the season. More than 1000 kilometres of very well signposted hiking routes take you to gentle summits, babbling springs and crystal clear mountain lakes. Add to that the fact that hiking in the Nock mountains is particularly healthy!

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Beneficial for body, spirit and soul – hikes in the Nock mountains

Fresh mountain air, fantastic panoramic views to the Großglockner and the Hohe Tauern, wonderful hospitality in the numerous Alpine lodges and mountain inns – for hiking fans these are the ‘basics’ for a holiday in Bad Kleinkirchheim. Those who are out and about in the gentle contours of the Carinthian Nock mountains on Shanks’s pony are doing their health a great deal of good. Internal specialist from Bregenz and university professor Dr. Egon Humpeler proved in his ‘Austrian Moderate Altitude Study 2000’ that mountain hiking at an altitude of between 1000 and 2000 metres provides optimal training for your body. Read more as to why hiking in Bad Kleinkirchheim is so healthy!

Carinthian healthy hiking: the Nock mountains, your font of youth

The effects of hiking at an altitude location of between 1000 and 2000 metres:

  • Trains your cardiovascular system
  • Normalises your cholesterol level
  • Regulates blood pressure; high blood pressure is lowered
  • Strengthens your immune system and lungs
  • Strengthens bones and your entire musculoskeletal system
  • Stimulates your metabolism and therefore fat burning
  • Produces happy hormones

Nock mountains hiking extras: unique relaxation

The positive effects of hiking at altitude are also seen in other hiking regions. However the Nock mountains provide further inspiration with a unique plant which enhances well-being during and after hiking - the Speik, a healing plant, which is only found in this hiking region in Carinthia, and whose aroma accompanies you and pampers you with its beneficial effects released during a Speik foot bath at one of the treatment areas. Relaxing hammocks at selected areas of water ensure relaxation too. Treat yourself to wellness!

Nock mountains hiking service in the 4-star Hotel Almrausch

The variety-packed hiking trails in the Nock mountains provide a route to suit every age-group and fitness level. And for the perfect complement the team in your hiking hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim take care of your hiking equipment. What you should bring with you – sturdy footwear which are ankle height and functional hiking clothing which you wear as per the ‘onion principle’. Also, sun protection, gloves for days when the weather is cold and for the summits as well as a drinks bottle. The hiking equipment which you have on loan free of charge as a guest in the Hotel Almrausch is comprehensive:

  • Hiking rucksack
  • Hiking poles
  • Binoculars
  • First Aid kit with dressings
  • Hiking map
  • GPS route guide
  • Dry your shoes after your hike in the heated hiking room

Almrausch hiking snack – small price, utmost pleasure

Experience it for yourself – after a hike to one of the loveliest viewing areas in the midst of the Nock mountains a snack out in the fresh air tastes just heavenly! Take the Almrausch ‘Wanderpinkerl’ snack with you on your tour and enjoy Carinthian treats at the rest point of your choice:

Almrausch ‘Wanderpinkerl’

Bacon, ‘Verhackertes’ meat spread specific to this area , tomato, hard-boiled egg, cucumber, schnapps and more – available at Reception for just 9.00 Euros.

Mountain connoisseur hosts, the Hotel Almrausch

Benefits for you

Kärnten Card/Bad Kleinkirchheim Sonnenschein Card 

With this holiday ticket for one, two or five weeks hiking in Bad Kleinkirchheim becomes a special great value pleasure. Use of the summer cable cars and hiking buses is also included as is entry to more than 100 excursion destinations throughout Carinthia and participation in the hiking and activity programme. The advantage cart, which is valid from the middle of April through to the end of October is available upon your arrival in the Hotel Almrausch.

Cable car & Bad Kleinkirchheim hiking bus: hiking fun from the outset

Save yourself those tiring ascents and descents and start into the loveliest altitude hikes straight away in the Nock mountains! From the end of May until the start of November the Biosphärenparkbahn Brunnach and the Kaiserburgbahn cable cars take up, from 9:00 a.m. to12:00 p.m. and from 1:00 p.m. to 4:00 p.m. quickly to the start of your hiking fun. The hiking buses mean you are out and about in the Nock mountains hiking area in an environmentally-friendly way and at no extra cost. Plan your start and destination points as you want and whatever route you want to take.


Hiking in the Nock mountains – at any time of the year, in a healthy altitude location, in the footsteps of contemporary artists. Book your room in the 4-star pleasure hotel, the Hotel Almrausch in Bad Kleinkirchheim right now!

Hiking in the Nock mountains and on the Alpe Adria Trail

So right after you arrive in the Hotel Almrausch you can head out on the loveliest hikes around Bad Kleinkirchheim we have chosen some particularly worthwhile adventure-filled hikes for you in the Nock mountains biosphere park. The extensive descriptions for the individual hiking tours provide information about the route outline, altitude profile, duration, difficulty level and special features. 

  • Discover Bad Kleinkirchheim: 22.9 km, 5-6 hours
    All-day hike with a high adventure factor and which is scenically beautiful. Difficulty level: moderate; for those who have a standard level of fitness.
  • Duftgarten Speik – a natural experience in the Nock mountains: around 10 km, 1 ½ hours                                Find out interesting facts about the healing plant, the Speik, which is only found in this area and enjoy that wonderful aroma during your hike. Easy hike.
  • Pfannock circuit hike: 7.4 km, 4 hours                     Mountain hike which provides plenty of views to the summit of the 2254 metre Pfannock and which has refreshment stop options. Difficulty level: moderate; for those who have a standard level of fitness.
  • St. Oswald family hike: 7.8 km, 4 hours                       Hiking fun for families with children, fewer metres altitude covered, ascent via the cable car. Mountain lake, refreshment stop option, watch the marmots!
  • Mallnock-Kolmnock circuit hike: 11.3 km, 5 hours
    Altitude hike, after ascent via the cable car, wonderful panoramic views, refreshment stop options. Difficulty level: moderate; a bit more fitness required.
  • Summit hike to the Rosennock: 16.3 km, 6-7 hours  Ascent via the cable car then a challenging mountain tour (steep alpine paths) for hikers with a high level of fitness, refreshment stop options, observe animals in the wild.

Alpe Adria Trail in Carinthia. Long-distance hiking in the Nock mountains

Four stages on this popular long-distance trail take you to the Nock mountains biosphere park. The 4-star pleasure hotel, the Hotel Almrausch is an official Alpe Adria partner business – own hiking guides and Alpe Adria hiking packages for three, five or seven days make this hiking hotel in Bad Kleinkirchheim a popular ‘base camp’ for long-distance hikers. The four Nock mountain stages are available as a pdf download here:

Hikes in the Nock mountains and wonderful art: nock/art

On hikes around Bad Kleinkirchheim all your senses are opened up and stimulated by the wonderful natural surroundings. What is more natural than integrating art objects into the lovely-alpine landscape? Discover nock/art, a hiking art project, on six variety-packed hiking routes in Kirchheimer Tal and in the Nock mountains biosphere park! The individual hiking routes are between 6.3 and 12.8 kilometres in length. A total of 63 kilometres of exciting routes at an altitude of between 1007-2300 metres await. 

The six nock/art hiking routes in detail

All of the nock/art hiking routes are of course available as pdf downloads, which you can print out and use as a practical orientation guide during your hike.

Excellent hiking fun - nock/art routes - service

The six nock/art hiking trails can be tackled by themselves, or in combination with the stages of the Alpe Adria Trail, which proceeds through the Nock mountains. With the range of hiking buses and cable cars, you can access all the starting and end points of these special hikes without having to make any detours. Careful attention has also be paid to the selection of stop-off points – in the recommended alpine lodges and mountain inns you get to enjoy delicious food which is typical of the Nock mountains region.

Free GUIDED HIKES in Bad Kleinkirchheim

Discover the Nockberge Biosphere Reserve - these guided hikes are FREE with your included Bad Kleinkirchheim Regional Card!

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