Hotel restaurant in Bad Kleinkirchheim: Pleasure – Carinthian style

Restaurant for guests staying in the 4-star pleasure-filled hotel, the Hotel Almrausch

Spend your holiday in the Hotel Almrausch and enjoy regional, seasonal cuisine in the restaurant in Bad Kleinkirchheim! Host Josef Juritz, wine and cheese sommelier, and also a Carinthian ‘Genuss Wirt’ awarded the AMA seal of approval, takes you on a delicious journey through kitchen and cellar.

An indulgent culinary programme – Hotel restaurant Bad Kleinkirchheim

Pleasure is an essential element in the Hotel Almrausch, from breakfast through to a multi-course menu to choose from in the evening. From wine tasting through to the best service in the hotel’s own ski lodge. And since we have so much to say on the topic of pleasure, on the many pages which follow you will find out lots of interesting information about culinary highlights on offer during your holiday in Carinthia.

Individual, indulgent restaurant in Carinthia’s Nock mountains

The hotel restaurant in Bad Kleinkirchheim is the exclusive reserve of our hotel guests. Since a maximum of 64 guests can be catered for in our hotel, a very private, individual atmosphere is guaranteed. Enjoy being indulged as per all the rules of cordial hospitality in this small, sophisticated setting. We look forward to welcoming you!

Your restaurant in Bad Kleinkirchheim – quality with a seal of approval

We keep to our promises when it comes to pleasure! Host Josef Juritz is a passionate host, wine and cheese sommelier and qualified ‘master’ host. The highest quality in service goes without saying and the same applies to his team. All the work put in for guests is evident. Where today is meat filleted, sliced and flambéed right in front of guests? In the pleasure hotel, the Hotel Almrausch that’s where. Guests’ mouths water even as they look on. Be excited as to what awaits in the Hotel restaurant in Bad Kleinkirchheim.

Dress code

Basically, we do not have a strict dress code, however - like in most hotel businesses - there are some unspoken rules.

  • Bikini and swimming pants in the hotel lobby are taboo. In the room you will find a wellness basket with a bathrobe and bath towels.
  • Training pants, slippers, swimming outfits and very short pants should be absolutely avoided for dinner. But it doesn't have to be an elegant suit either, loose and well-groomed casual clothing is sufficient. 

Explore the culinary aspects of Carinthia in your restaurant in Bad Kleinkirchheim – you can now book your room in the 4-star pleasure hotel, the Hotel Almrausch in just a few clicks!

Carinthian Genuss Wirt – Austrian specialities for fastidious palates

Hosts who place a great deal of value upon regional and Austrian produce, can, after in-depth assessment, bear the title Carinthian ‘Genuss Wirt’. It doesn’t matter whether it is a restaurant, hotel, traditional inn or a ski lodge. What does matter is the strict use of produce from Carinthia and Austria. The AMA seal of approval confirms that the inspection has been successful – that the beef and pork, milk, eggs, fish, potatoes and other produce do actually come from Austria. Carinthian specialities and treats from proven ‘Genuss’ regions complement the variety-packed range on offer.

What does Carinthia taste like? Insights into a very special culinary realm

Carinthia’s cuisine is characterised by a wide variety of regions and influences. Here it is local farmhouse cuisine and its traditional dishes which make Carinthia known and loved far beyond its borders. Representative here is Carinthian pasta which has a fresh minty aroma and which are of course ‘krendelled’ by hand. In the vernacular it is said that a woman is ‘of marriageable age’ when she can ‘krendel’.

The lakes which have plenty of fish, which are close to Italy and to Slovenia, and therefore to the Adriatic, provide a Mediterranean hint to Carinthian cuisine, providing this hearty country-style cooking with a hint of sophistication and a variety of flavours. In your hotel restaurant in Bad Kleinkirchheim you get to discover a real variety of unique foods!

Gourmet board

Culinary Carinthia means that during your holiday delicious and wonderful taste experiences await, from breakfast through to a 5-course menu to choose from in the evening.

Gourmet board


The Strohsackhütte is a popular ski lodge at the valley station for the Strohsack lift, just a few metres away from the Kaiserburg intermediate station. Here skiers and winter hikers get to enjoy a break on the sun terrace, in the very special ‘beach chairs’ in the VIP lounge.



March - Special | Sun Skiing - from 06.03.2021 to 05.04.2021 | 1 Kaiserschmarrn (shredded sugared pancake with raisins) at our Strohsackhütte tavern (Strohsack valley station) | from € 636,- per person and 7 nights

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